MetalGraph Exit Sign Stainless Steel


Even up close, MetalGraph signs from the ADA Sign Factory look like sturdy 1/8th inch thick sheets of brushed metal with a deep tactile finish. But in fact, these signs are made from high-impact acrylic that are UV- and corrosion-resistant! The signs are lightweight, do not show fingerprints like real brushed metal does, and are easily washable with standard cleaning solutions.

The ADA Sign Factory stocks MetalGraph signs in three options: Brushed Aluminum, Copper Penny, and Stainless Steel.

The integrated hardcoat fully protects these brushed metal-looking signs, making them suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. Black text and graphics are rotary cut and applied to the top of the 1/8th inch thick MetalGraph substrate, creating a high-end look and finish at an affordable price!

SELECT A COLOR OPTION BELOW to see all of the stock designs available. Don't see the exact sign design or brushed metal color you need? Ask us about CUSTOM OPTIONS!